Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Leave Was Short

I've had some issues trying to update my blog lately. We'll see if today is successful.

Leave is over. We had lots of things we wanted to do but ended up just being although we did go to Children's Hospital Boston, walked around the Public Garden and enjoyed a ride on the Swan Boats.

My two warriors overlapped at home for a few days which was a treat to all be together even if for a short time. Four years ago the Old Man came home from a 16 month deployment during which the young warrior graduated from high school and enlisted in the Marine Corps. Before he went to boot camp we hiked up Mt Monadnock together because that was my son's release during deployment. He would come home from school and just go....rain, snow, ice, didn't matter. So, even though the weather was ridiculously hot and this warrior mom has only hiked once this entire summer, we did the hike again. I survived, barely, and ate up the whole day because I'm so out of shape, but it was worth it.
Leave ended with Labor Day weekend in Washington DC to visit soldiers at Bethesda and Walter Reed. Unfortunately for us several were well enough to have passes to go home for the holiday weekend but we were able to visit two. That was encouraging! Our son is finishing up his four years of active service and relocating to Virginia so he drove us down and spent the weekend with us. Being dyed in the wool New Englanders, we left many things unsaid but just being together was priceless.


  1. So glad young warrior was able to come home for a bit and that you all had time to make some family memories.

    It was good to just be to - and just enjoy each other over a cup of coffee.

    Praying that the rest of the deployment will go by fast.

  2. That is a great pic!! :) I think young warrior got bigger (in a good/healthy way) & your older warrior got smaller (in a good/healthy way too!) So neat that y'all were able to revisit some places where special memories were made in the past & make some new ones :)

    Those soldiers you went to visit ... are they friends of your warriors?

    Joining you, warriormom, on the front lines - in prayer for both of your warriors this morning.

  3. Thank you both for praying.

    MyStory, the soldiers we were visiting were part of Vin's Brigade. It was so very good for him to see one of them especially, his recovery to this point is nothing short of miraculous.

  4. Warriormom this seems to be a time for many prayers needed within our blog community! I do believe that prayers help. A wonderful family you have!