Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat

The treat ~ carving pumpkins. The crafty baby momma carved a baby pumpkin into a "baby face" complete with binky. The trick ~ dropping off hubby at 5 am for 20 days military training...bringing us closer to a long good-bye....again.


  1. Thanks you for visiing and following my blog. I have one of your pictures that I did a little bit to that I would like to show you.

    Please contact me through the email on my blog.

  2. Ooooh TOO Cute ... the baby pumpkin w/ the binky :) FUN!

    Your hubby's gone - again.... ugh. so sorry.

  3. I admire y'all!

    Those pumpkin faces are AMAZING! I have never carved faces quite so unique. LOVE the mouth on the first one.